Leverage Global Partners Signs Marketing Agreement with, China’s Largest International Property Portal

The property listings of Leverage member agents around the world to greatly benefit from exposure on China’s top search site with 3.1 million monthly visitors.

Leverage is thrilled to have formed a partnership with, a leading Chinese website for buyers of overseas real estate property that reaches 3.1 million monthly online visitors. Leverage will now make syndication to the China-based international property portal available to its member agents available through its popular Digital Advertising program. Leverage’s partnership with also includes a series of Leverage branded banner ads across and full-page print ads in's luxury magazine.

Through Leverage’s new partnership with Juwai, the platform offers agents one of the most competitive digital advertising solutions in the industry with listings appearing on,,,, and This additional exposure expands the global audience that Leverage listings benefit from and now exists on both sides of China’s Internet Firewall. 

“Leverage is dedicated to contributing to the success of its member brokerages and agents, and with the continued interest in clientele reaching affluent Chinese buyers for their listings this new partnership with is a great enhancement to our existing digital advertising offering,” said Annalisa Povlock, President of Leverage Global Partners. “With Chinese buyers still active in the United States and Leverage being well represented in the top three U.S. markets like California, Florida and New York, we are certain this will be a strong differential for our agents.” CEO and Director Carrie Law said, “By providing direct access to Chinese buyers, this partnership enables the agents in the Leverage network to work with the largest foreign buyer group in the country. Wealthy and upper middle-class Chinese worry about the trade war, a potential devaluation of their currency, and the stress that their local school system puts on their kids. In 2018, China lost almost as many high net worth individuals to emigration as the next three countries combined. The United States is a leading destination for Chinese investors, students, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. Chinese invested, according to the National Association of Realtors, more than $30 billion in American residential property last year alone.” 

Beyond appearing behind China’s internet firewall, highlights of Leverage’s partnership with include:

Targeted Reach 

Leverage listings are featured on's exclusive audience of high-net-worth Chinese buyers looking to invest in overseas real estate. This audience has the means and desire to invest in international property.

Chinese Mobile & Social Integration

Leverage listings will further benefit from's Chinese mobile site and app, combined with Chinese social channel integration and online Chinese social media features, giving unparalleled access and exposure to Chinese buyers on-the-go.

Local Mainland China Partner

With’s headquarters in Shanghai and international operations in Hong Kong, Leverage member agents gain first-hand knowledge from experts who know Chinese investors and immigration agencies.

Chinese Consumer Support Center

Leverage member agents have direct access to the's China-based dedicated support center to help field and translate any inquiries before they are sent to the agent.

Event Access

Leverage agents will receive access to over 20 High Net Worth (HNW) consumer events, leading B2C expos, and Juwai.comB2B events in China.

Leverage’s partnership with is a far-reaching addition to the platform's offerings to reach qualified Chinese buyers overseas. Click here to view all Leverage listings on

If you have any questions about the new partnership and what you, as a Leverage member, has access to, please feel free to reach out to us at (310) 500-3641 or at [email protected].

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