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The Rise of Prefab

Prefabricated “prefab” homes are an increasingly popular trend among homebuyers. They’re often a more affordable, more customizable and faster option for those looking to move into a new home with a lot less fuss. As the name suggests, prefab homes are manufactured off-site, then transported to and assembled at their final destination.

Despite their recent popularity, prefab homes aren’t actually all that new. Mobile homes, for instance, are one of the more traditional versions of prefab homes — but in more recent years, architects and designers have set their sights on improving the overall design and experience of living the prefab life. There are now a plethora of prefab homes that eschew the cookie-cutter design of prefabricated homes past, focusing instead on a new form of luxury living that’s both sustainable and space-efficient.

So, what else makes prefab homes such an increasingly popular option for would-be homeowners? Here are three reasons we love this home buying trend — and why we think you will, too.

Thrifty and Trendy

While much of the benefit of prefabricated homes is their affordability, they don’t have to look cheap. Many prefab homes are exploring a modern aesthetic that lets homebuyers feel thrifty and trendy all at the same time: Experts estimate that prefab homes cost anywhere from 10-40% less than your average home. By making a high-quality look more economically accessible, it’s no wonder prefab homes are becoming more and more popular with the general public.

Pretty Portable

Another great part about prefab homes? They’re pretty portable. Ever seen a house traveling on a flatbed truck down the freeway? That’s prefab. Designed and built in sections — then assembled on-site — prefab homes are small enough to be transported and placed pretty much anywhere. This ease and accessibility makes them a popular option for homebuyers in any part of the country — and around the world, too.

Simple and Sustainable

With their focus on minimal design and environmentally-friendly materials, prefab homes are often a more simple and sustainable housing option. Factory production allows companies to build prefab homes more efficiently with less resources and less waste, and myriad variations on different designs allow for simple, yet creative customization.

The resurgent popularity of prefab homes will no doubt continue as more and more designers, architects, and construction companies innovate on this real estate trend.

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