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Thinking of Investing in Austin? Top Experts Share Why Your Answer Should Be Yes

With more than a decade as a leader in Austin’s burgeoning real estate market, the agents at DEN Property Group know the ins and outs of life in the city. In fact, they pride themselves on selling more than just homes, but selling the unique Austin lifestyle. We asked some of the agency’s top producers about what makes Austin life so vibrant, the trends in the city’s real estate market, and their expert tips on why to make a move to a city that’s becoming one of the next cultural capitals of the world.


On What Makes Austin Unique

Austin has developed a well-known reputation for its live music scene, but there’s so much more to the city that makes it so special - and a great place to consider making a move to. Founding Partner of DEN Property Group Bailey Tipps is quick to point to the city’s central business district, which makes Austin’s downtown “the most walkable of all Texas’ large cities. This is most conducive for the vertical neighborhoods that are ever-growing downtown,” he says, “and thus more easily attracting transplants from either coast to replicate a lifestyle not afforded everywhere else.”

For Partner Agent Jonny Rodgers, the answer is simple: it’s the people. Quoting one of Texas’ most recognizable personalities, Rodgers says “[Matthew] McConaughey said it best: ‘Austin has always been a place where nobody’s too good and everybody’s good enough.’”

There’s also no shortage of things to do, as Associate Emily Waldmann points out. “You have so much access to different activities and lifestyles here, all in one place,” she says. There’s hiking, rock climbing, swimming and more for outdoor lovers, a lively culinary scene for the most discerning foodie, and one can’t forget Rainey Street for those looking for a night out on the town. “There’s truly something for everyone here,” Waldmann continues, “and I love watching new people discover Austin and find their niche.”

Barton Creek Bridge | Austin, Texas

Neighborhood Watch

If you’re considering a move to Austin or purchasing a second home in the city, there’s no one better than the experts at DEN Property Group to help provide a little guidance on just where to claim your stake. Associate Megan Gallagher says there is an area for every type of buyer, and loves her own neighborhood in Holly, which “continues to be a hub for new, creative businesses.” But Gallagher also points to neighborhoods like North West Hills, Bouldin and Travis Heights, which all have great walkability.

Rodgers adds that while downtown Austin is a hot spot, there are neighborhoods within immediate proximity, like Pemberton and Clarksville, that are top choices for many home buyers. More recently, Rodgers says, “the demand and rebirth of forgotten neighborhoods like Windsor Park, East Riverside, University Hills or Onion Creek are also seeing skyrocketing prices due to lot sizes, maturity of landscape and retail availability.” 


Keeping Up with the Austinites

So, how can new residents in Austin immerse themselves in the city’s vibrant culture and quickly adjust to the vibrant lifestyle of the city? Tipps suggests picking up the Austin Chronicle or subscribing to a resource like and newsletters from the city’s popular music venues to learn about all the exciting goings-on throughout Austin. 

Waldmann also provides a unique approach that relies on the friendliness one is bound to come across in Austin: “Go to the same places for a week,” Waldmann says. “Whether it’s a coffee shop or a patio for a beer, become a regular and say hi to the staff and the people around you. Guarantee you will have friends by the end of that week!” A true testament to the welcoming culture of this amazing city.

Outdoor Concert Festival | Austin, Texas

Not To Be Missed

With deep roots in Austin, DEN Property Group’s brokers know both the city’s hot spots and the hidden gems that help drive the city’s exciting culture. From well-known staples like SXSW, the Austin City Limits Music Festival and the Austin Film Festival, to catching a show at Mohawk or the brand new Moody Amphitheater, or taking in the breathtaking Lake Austin at sunset to walking the trail around Town Lake, there’s so much to see and do in Austin.

Gallagher’s go-to’s include a patio brunch at Launderette and a visit to Deep Eddy Pool, where the Mai Tai from Pool Burger is a must in her book, while Rodgers recommends Barton Springs, four natural water springs at Barton Creek. And true to DEN Property Group’s passion for philanthropy and for the Austin community, Tipps says a visit to Community First Village is a must, “to see how Austin is leading the way to help those experiencing homelessness.”


Trending Now

It’s no secret that Austin’s real estate market has been thriving. SmartAsset recently placed Austin at number one among 400 metro areas for housing growth and stability. And while prices have been steadily increasing, SmartAsset’s study finds that purchasing a home in Austin is a solid investment. So what are the trends currently driving the city’s booming real estate market? There’s no one better to turn to than the team at DEN Property Group! 

Tipps has noticed a rise in out of town buyers purchasing investment properties in the hot Austin market (where they might one day decide to move full-time!), and also notes the increase in high-end luxury leases. Meanwhile, as Rodgers points out, the downtown area has become very popular as many homeowners look to the amenities available at these luxury buildings as they downsize.

And with temperatures that can exceed 100 degrees, Waldmann has seen growing popularity in above ground and pre-fabricated pool options, which are relatively less expensive than in-ground pools, but offer equally satisfying relief to keep you cool on those hot summer days.

The Linden Residences presented by DEN Property Group

A Look Ahead

While the Austin real estate market is flourishing now, what’s in store in the years ahead? We asked the team at DEN Property Group to give us their best predictions of the market five to ten years down the line. Waldmann predicts a continued expansion of multiple industries heading to Austin, from technology to manufacturing, as many companies build new foundations in the city. 

With all the change and development, Austin has still managed to maintain its “cool factor.” And while prices continue to drive up and it becomes an increasingly expensive city, Rodgers is hopeful that it will continue to prosper while staying true to the creative class that made Austin so unique and established it as the live music capital of the world so many years ago.

The only question that remains: what are you waiting for? Now is the time to consider a move to Austin or a second property in this ever-growing city. For expert advice and guidance on the city’s real estate market, visit


Quoted DEN Partners & Associates

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Jonny Rodgers | Partner, REALTOR® | @jlr512

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