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The Leverage Network

5787 Agents Operating In 23 Countries With 233 Offices Serving 135 Markets

Leverage is a modern, global real estate company with a dynamic marketing platform designed to give independent firms around the world a competitive advantage in their respective marketplace.

We are a team of visionary real estate executives, technophiles, creatives, storytellers and digital media specialists committed to making independent brokerages and real estate professionals the leading force in the industry.

Independently, our members are fierce, but collectively, they are even stronger. Built on a shared commitment of innovation and excellence, Leverage is dedicated to contributing to the success of its member brokerages and agents.

The Leverage alliance currently includes 5,787 agents operating in 17 countries with 233 offices serving 135 markets and has a combined annual gross sales of $20 billion. Each brokerage member has been selectively invited to join Leverage and trusted with the exclusivity of being the Network's sole representative of its market.

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