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Eric Balog

Chief Executive Officer Eric Balog

Throughout a 25+ year professional career, Eric has pioneered ways of understanding markets qualitatively and quantitatively, to create intuitive products, services and methodologies that become indispensable for users, and provide high rate of return for employers and investors. He finds solutions that are win-win-win for customers, providers, and investors.

His early use of data science in financial services enabled the redesign of bank and brokerage products and processes to better suit customers, improve satisfaction and ultimately increase shareholder return; it foretold a sea change in customer knowledge/relationship management and the use of data to drive decision-making in the industry.

Eric later provided strategic leadership within an entrepreneurial group of Charles Schwab by solving the difficult and costly problem of efficiently acquiring high net worth customers. During a fifteen-year period, he helped define a new business unit (equity comp) and take that group from inception to industry leader, landing some of the world's most important corporate clients (, Cisco, Google, and more).

He has been a founding member of venture-backed startups, as well as an investor in early-stage companies. Eric has a BSc in Economics/Game Theory/Mathematics, summa cum laude, from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a featured speaker on user-centered design and human-computer interaction within the context of financial services web product design.

Eric has lived and worked in Australia, the Middle East and throughout the US, and has been a nationally ranked athlete in cycling. He enjoys spending time climbing and skiing in the mountains and connects with nature as often as possible.

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Phone: (307) 699-2337

Mark Clem

Head of Membership Services Mark Clem

As an exceptional developer of relationships, Mark Clem has introduced hundreds of individuals, companies, membership organizations to opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration.

Mark's empathic approach to relationship building proved valuable in turning an underappreciated, homespun certification program into a globally recognized professional designation that continues to influence hiring and pay practices throughout the equity compensation industry.

A passion for creating community inspired Mark's 2010 co-founding of the first virtual equity compensation conference, which led to innovations in online engagement and behavior analysis. More recently his focus has been on helping non-profit organizations to connect members and maintain community through the production of online learning and networking events.

Mark holds an MA in Business and Organizational Communication from Emerson College and a BS in Business Administration from Oregon State University. He volunteers with Special Olympics and other special needs community organizations.

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Phone: (503) 519-3340

Our Staff

We have assembled a team of experts in their respective fields - from digital marketing to customer service - who are working to keep Leverage on the leading edge of the global real estate market.

Alec Megerdichian

Operations Manager Alec Megerdichian

Growing up in a family with an extensive history in the business of real estate, I came back to my roots here in Southern California after graduating from the University of Arizona to pursue this passion of mine. Joining Leverage Global Partners as an Operations Manager gives me the opportunity to use my real estate experience and tech-savvy strengths to help our members find referrals, optimize our digital advertising platform, and assist members with any inquiries. Outside the office, my interests include traveling to new places, spending time with friends, or a never-ending hobby of working on cars. 

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Phone: (818) 454-4040

Lauren Pena

Partner Promotion Manager Lauren Pena

Originally from Miami, I attended Film School in Los Angeles and moved to London shortly thereafter. Living in London, I had the opportunity to travel across Europe where I immersed myself in global architecture, cultures, travel, and the arts. Upon my return to Los Angeles, I began working in Malibu as a Real Estate Assistant as well as Marketing Manager for Zuma Farms, a notable hobby farm and investment property with celeb-pedigree. My passion has always been technology, and as an Account Manager at Leverage, I take great pride in optimizing our client’s goals whilst reaching a global audience. When I’m not working, you can find me surfing the beaches of Malibu and cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in my Tesla!

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William Nichols

Marketing Coordinator William Nichols

As an Atlanta native, I attended college just outside of the city at Kennesaw State University. After graduating with a BBA in Marketing, I immediately entered the real estate industry here in Atlanta and through the years, it has become a true passion of mine. As a Marketing Coordinator at Leverage, I am using my experience implementing marketing strategies to optimize our digital advertising platform and grow the global reach of our member’s listings. 

In my time outside of work, you'll often find me going for a run, practicing my swing on the golf course, or enjoying moments with my wonderful wife, daughter, and circle of friends and family.

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Irlanda Navarro

Creative Contributor Irlanda Navarro

Irlanda Navarro is a multidisciplinary designer based in San Diego with a background in Social Media Management, Marketing, Graphic Design and Photography. Her cross-cultural experience working with companies in Mexico and in the States, and speaker of English, Spanish and French, allow her to bring a global and fresh perspective into her creative endeavors.  

When not in front of her computer, you can find her enjoying the beach, trying out new sports and spending time with her family.

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Phone: (310) 500-3641

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