Tech: A Summer Vacation

Fun has gone hi-tech. There are a bunch of new gadgets to help you make the most of your summertime recreation. Go ahead and cram that iPad in your beach bag, but take some time to check out these hot new toys.

The Scorkl provides swimmers with 10 minutes of air using a lightweight, refillable mini-tank. Designed for shallow dives, and without the requirements of scuba certification, it’s perfect for the casual ocean explorer who doesn’t want to deal with heavy tanks and regulators.

Turn your outdoor space into a surround-sound paradise with the Sonarray SR1 speaker system. Its eight satellite speakers can be tucked discreetly into the foliage, so you can pump up the volume on Beyonce’s Lemonade while you’re serving lemonade to your guests. Party time.

Sand between your toes, good. Sand in your iPhone, not so much. LifeProof Frē cases (for Android and iOS devices) deliver the ultimate in protection: waterproof, dirtproof, dropproof. They come in 10 different color combos so you can match your phone case to your bathing suit. Sweet!

Big news: you can wear the latest Fitbit Flex 2 while swimming. It’s the slimmest band yet, comes in several chic colors, and has many new tracking features for your fitness journey.

The futuristic Euro-style Recon Jet sunglasses are designed for the true sports enthusiast. Just below the wearer’s right eye, a display screen delivers live performance metrics, GPS maps, text messages, and more. Cyclists and runners will appreciate not having to look down, check their wrist, or break their rhythm.

Being on the water in the summer makes sun protection even more important. Huk makes serious clothing for anglers, so they know their stuff. But they keep it stylish too. Their board shorts, gaiters and full face masks all use the latest in fabrics that employ UPF protection, stain release and anti-microbials.


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