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Regal Realtors Introduces Cutting-Edge AI Platform for Unprecedented Efficiency

Leverage Member Innovation Series: The Leverage community includes many forward-thinkers in the world of real estate. This week, we feature an innovation from member Regal Realtors.

Regal Realtors, a distinguished real estate brokerage renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence, proudly introduces its groundbreaking AI platform, marking a historic milestone as the first brokerage in Texas to embrace this transformative technology. 

The platform is set to revolutionize the real estate landscape, equipping agents with groundbreaking efficiency and productivity. This new addition to Regal’s suite of tools underscores its role as a trailblazer in technology adoption within the real estate industry. 

This cutting-edge AI platform meticulously analyzes vast datasets encompassing market trends, property listings, and client preferences. The result is a wealth of valuable insights and predictive analytics that empower agents to elevate their services. 

One of the most unique aspects of this platform is the integration of AI technology with authentic human interaction, facilitating streamlined property matching, automated communication, optimized pricing strategies, and an enhanced overall client experience. It embodies the personal touch necessary in this industry, enhanced by the power of innovative technology.

The strategic, forward-thinking approach embraced by Regal Realtors co-owners Justin Holland and Leighton Pinkham led the team to pioneer new possibilities in efficiency to support their top-performing agents. Pinkham's recognition as one of the top 10 tech-forward agents globally by Dotloop in 2017 illustrates his dedication to innovation.

“We know that leveraging AI is the future and we also understand the importance of creating a platform that is structured and organized in a way that agents can leverage to maximize their time and use of it,” said Pinkham. 

Key features of the Regal Realtors AI platform include:

  • Lead Prospecting and Search Engine Boost: Advanced algorithms identify leads and enhance search engine visibility, strengthening agents' connections with potential clients.

  • Virtual Assistance for Lead Generation: Agents benefit from complimentary virtual assistance to execute lead-generating campaigns and streamline follow-ups, improving their success in converting leads into clients.

  • Personalized Client Notifications: Tailored notifications inform clients about new listings, recently sold properties, upcoming open houses, market updates, and events.

  • Phone and Email Campaigns: Agents conduct personalized phone and email campaigns for lead follow-ups, supported by live individuals for a more customized touch and effective communication.

  • Marketing Support: The AI platform offers marketing support, aiding agents with scripting by real people, conducting live phone campaigns, and delivering leads information about current listings and market updates.

  • Lending Side Support: Agents can leverage the platform's lending side to expedite client approvals with competitive terms to streamline transactions and deliver a great client experience.

“There’s a lot floating around right now with AI but for the majority of agents much of it is abstract and hard to grasp,” continued Pinkham. “With the platform we’ve launched, there is training and systems around getting the benefits of all AI has to offer without the agent being a techie. I believe our platform has the potential to increase our top-producing agents' and teams' production by 50% with increased marketing, follow-up, time savings, and capacity that this offers. Our forward-thinking nature at Regal is a core value and constant, and has been one of the contributing factors to our company’s growth and success.”

The launch of the Regal Realtors AI platform underscores the brokerage's unwavering dedication to providing agents with the future-focused resources necessary to excel in a dynamic industry. 

Agents also receive regular in-person training sessions on the AI platform to share experiences, strategies, and insights on how the technology is transforming their workflows and client interactions. These best practice training sessions are supplemented by ongoing training opportunities within the platform to unlock its full potential.

Regal Realtors is redefining the future of real estate by consistently raising the bar for excellence through tech-forward tools and a passionate dedication to their team and clients.


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