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A New Era of Opportunity in Dallas: Regal Realtors and Zillow’s Enhanced Market Presence

Leighton Pinkham, a pioneering force in real estate and co-owner of Regal Realtors, has led a remarkable surge in success through a long-time partnership with Zillow, driven by a steadfast focus on putting customers first and empowering agents.

With the announcement that Zillow is launching its integrated home-buying experience in Dallas, it’s the perfect time to reflect on Pinkham’s journey with Zillow.

Pinkham has been a Premier Agent with Zillow since 2010, motivated by the company’s passion for customer experiences. When Pinkham took the helm at Regal Realtors in 2014, he seized the opportunity to enhance agent prospects by creating a specialized Zillow team, embracing Zillow’s core commitment to customer priority.

“We share an aligned philosophy that the customer is the North Star,” shared Pinkham. “Our relationship with Zillow has created so many opportunities for our agents, and the potential continues to grow.”

Pinkham's leadership has propelled Regal Realtors to become one of Zillow's foremost partners nationwide. In addition, Pinkham strategically positioned Regal Realtors as the inaugural Flex team in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region in 2020.

"As an agent, my mission has always revolved around placing the customer at the forefront of every decision," Pinkham emphasizes. "Zillow's ethos perfectly mirrored mine, driving our collective focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences."

Now, the Regal Realtors team enters an exciting new chapter as Zillow recently announced the expansion of its integrated home-buying experience to new markets, including Dallas. Zillow’s enhanced experience will support clients throughout the home buying process, including a deeper understanding of financing options, support with pre-approvals, and Real-Time Touring to simplify home tour scheduling. 

"Our success lies in our unwavering dedication to providing agents with the tools and support they need to thrive," Pinkham affirms. "By prioritizing the recruitment of top-tier talent, we've been able to scale efficiently while delivering exceptional customer experiences."

What began as Pinkham’s alignment with Zillow values has evolved into Regal Realtors’ place as a leading Zillow partner. With significant momentum driving the team’s growth, they are excited about bringing on team members who share their customer-centric core values.

“Through our relationship with Zillow, we’re able to provide our agents and our clients access to new services like Real-Time Touring and an elevated level of support,” said Pinkham. “We’re also able to offer leads with no upfront costs to our agents, so we can bring on great agents and support their pipeline.”

Pinkham’s visionary approach led to Regal Realtors’ recent inclusion in Zillow's elite seller lead program, affirming its industry leadership and their commitment to constantly elevating their service. 

As the Dallas-Fort Worth region prepares for an expanded Flex market, Pinkham is optimistic about leveraging Regal Realtors’ expertise to create the next chapter of innovation, value, and opportunities for clients and agents.

"As we navigate the dynamic real estate landscape, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering," Pinkham concludes. "Together with Zillow, we are poised to redefine the real estate experience, creating lasting value for our clients and agents alike."

Regal Realtors is an independently owned real estate firm serving DFW since 1991, and their approach seamlessly blends an impressive history in the Dallas area with a forward-thinking approach to real estate. As members of the Leverage Global Partners Network and Zillow, they also enhance their presence with a global community of leading brokers and agents. The team’s continued expansion and role as a leader in their market underscore the powerful possibilities of their specialized strategy.


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