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New Member Spotlight: Rebecca Garrett of Mammoth Realty Group

In real estate, every agent brings a unique narrative that colors their professional journey. Rebecca Garrett, a seasoned real estate professional based in Mammoth, stands out not just for her expertise in the field but for the extraordinary tapestry of experiences woven throughout her life.

Rebecca's story in California begins with an unexpected connection to one of the art world's most iconic figures, J. Paul Getty. Her father, Stephen Garrett, was enlisted by Getty to undertake the rehabilitation of two islands in the Bay of Naples. This collaboration extended beyond initial expectations, with Stephen becoming a pivotal figure in developing the Getty Villa as the architectural consultant. His involvement was so profound that when Getty's health faltered, Rebecca's father found himself at the institution’s helm for a decade. 

“The Getty Villa is a magical place,” shared Rebecca. “I have fond memories of playing hide-and-seek in the galleries with the guards. All my friends were going to soccer practice or the beach, and I was spending my afternoons in a villa filled with antiquities.” 

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the Getty Villa, a milestone for many around the world. Rebecca's immersion in art and architecture shaped her perspective, setting the stage for a life marked by creativity and exploration.


From Getty to the Alps: A Journey to Mammoth

Rebecca was born in London, and her adventurous spirit led her from London to Pacific Palisades to Switzerland to Italy and eventually back to California, where she launched her real estate journey. Her real estate career began at exclusive Southern California brokerages, where she worked with Jon Douglas, John Aaroe, and Sotheby’s. 

Photography, a passion from a young age, evolved into a pivotal element of her career. After an adventurous time spent in outdoor photography, Rebecca honed in on architectural photography, where she found herself capturing the essence of homes and properties in a way that resonated with clients. Her love of the outdoors and her photographic talents drew her to the serene beauty of Mammoth Lakes, California. With its unique blend of winter wonder and summer splendor, Mammoth became the backdrop for the next chapter when she joined Mammoth Realty Group, the largest and most exclusive brokerage in Mammoth.

“When people buy in Mammoth, they think about family, friends, holidays, and kids being off their devices,” said Rebecca. “It’s totally different, and I absolutely love sharing Mammoth with people. For me, real estate is about relationships. So many of my clients have become friends. We are always in touch and I am always available to answer all of their Mammoth-related questions: How much snow did you get?  How are the road conditions? What is the new restaurant like?  Which trails have melted off?  Where is the best place to take the dog with all this snow?”

Bridging the Gap Between Mammoth and Southern California

Rebecca's affiliation with Leverage reflects her ambition to bridge the gap between Mammoth's real estate scene and the city lights of Southern California. With background experience working for prestigious brokerages in Los Angeles, she brings a level of sophistication and understanding that resonates with Southern California clients and agents.

“I’m excited to join Leverage’s network because there’s such a large opportunity for collaboration,” said Rebecca. “I want to showcase the unique lifestyle Mammoth offers and serve as a trusted referral partner for agents in Southern California whose clients want to buy or sell here.” 

Her goal is to showcase Mammoth's unique lifestyle – a place where families create lasting memories amidst stunning landscapes and a thriving community. As Mammoth experiences exciting growth, with the new Limelight Hotel and Residences, the upcoming complete re-design of the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge area, and the new LA Kings ice rink shaping its skyline, Rebecca is ready to guide clients through this mountain haven's dynamic real estate landscape.

In a world where connections are paramount, Rebecca's story illustrates the profound impact personal experiences can have on one's professional journey. From the Getty Villa to the serene landscapes of Mammoth, Rebecca continues to create a legacy marked by creativity, culture, and a dedicated client focus. 


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