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The oldest family-owned appliance company in the world, Miele manufactures its household products at its factories in Germany, where each item is thoroughly tested before it's shipped to the buyer.

Long praised for its quiet and thorough yet gentle dishwasher -- the only dishwasher that stemware company Riedel recommends to wash its notoriously delicate glasses -- Miele has newer appliances that equally impress: A refrigerator with Wi-Fi alerts homeowners of temperature drops, and a combi-steam oven perfectly cooks everything from fish and desserts to oatmeal and eggs, nearly omitting the need for a range. Each product can be viewed, and many of them tested, at the company's design centers, which offer cooking demonstrations as well as the opportunity for potential buyers to bring in a load of laundry to test.


Proprietary technology that alerts of sudden temperature drops is just one of the under-counter unit's compelling features. Also appealing: 38-bottle capacity; a vibration-free compressor; and three full- extension shelves. $2,945


Like a master barista, the unit grinds beans, froths milk, and makes a perfect cup of coffee, espresso, latte, or cap- puccino at the touch of a button. $3,349

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