Smart Home

Homes offer more than simple “roof over your head,” these days. By taking hints from smart phone technology, these new items in home technology will have your home turn into a smart home.


Audiophiles have already discovered that Sonos makes great looking and great sounding speakers for filling your home with music. They also make the sleek Playbase for a fully immersive big screen TV theater experience. The Playbase securely supports TVs up to 77lbs and routes sound over wi-fi, not Bluetooth so there’s no interruptions during an incoming phone call. Plus, it streams music too.



August Smart Lock

This is way better than those clunky and institutional keypad door knobs you see at the typical Airbnb. No need to swap out your home’s existing door hardware. The August Smart Lock slips over the interior side of a standard deadbolt. The homeowner’s smart phone signals the Smart Lock—no more fumbling for keys. You can create virtual keys for family, guests, workers and you can set the time period for access from weeks to days to a few minutes.


Think of Lutron as a magic wand that controls light in high-end homes. They offer a whole-house system that transforms spaces through the management of both artificial lighting and daylight. A preferred palette of lighting can be programmed to occur at regular times or modified for specific tasks or seasonal changes. The system is easily operated by hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad or smart phone.


Aera takes home fragrance into the future with a discreetly designed device that relies on patented technology to infuse a home with uniform scent. Master perfumers are behind its selection of fragrances that range from floral to woodsy, from calming to energizing. A smart phone app lets you customize the strength of the diffusion and assures that the entire coverage area is consistently one level of fragrance.

Eufy BodySense Smart Scale

This posh scale, which comes in high-gloss white or black, coupled with the EufyLife app helps you track your weight, BMI, body fat and more. Family friendly, the scale can follow up to 20 users and syncs with Apple Heatlh and Google Fit.


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