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Home Improvement: Bathrooms

Creating a bathroom that feels like an at-home sanctuary can be easier than finding the time to escape to a spa. Find your inspiration to redecorate with these luxurious bathroom amenities that will provide pure relaxation in the comfort of your own home.

Hafro Gemini Hammam

Known for its hydromassage tubs, multifunction shower stalls, steam generators, and mini pools, Italian company Hafro uses a combination of materials for its new Turkish bath. The Gemini Hammam enclosure, designed by Franco Bertoli, features .3-inch-thick crystal glass for its panels and door, which can be placed on the left, right, or in front. The ceiling is insulated with aluminum and polyurethane, with the showerhead built in. It is designed to be fitted against a wall, in a corner, or into a niche.

Maximum measurements are approximately seven feet wide by four-and-a-half feet long by eight feet tall. Believing that colored light has a direct influence on state of mind, Gemini ($2,100 to $4,160) combines heat therapy with chromotherapy, which allows light wavelengths to penetrate the skin for a steamy, psychedelic experience.


ThermaSol Residential Sauna Heater

Having created the first steam shower unit for the home in 1957, ThermaSol added residential saunas to its collection over 20 years ago. Its compact Residential Sauna Heater turns virtually any space into a relaxing refuge. The design of the room is up to the homeowner, but the company recommends using wood that can handle high heat.

Alternately, ThermaSol offers freestanding modular sauna rooms as well as kits that are custom cut to fi any space, even under the stairs. In true Finnish sauna tradition, the Residential Sauna Heater ($1,775 to $2,040) can also be taken outdoors, as the stainless-steel elements resist corrosion. The 4,500- watt model heats a space up to 210 cubic feet; 6,000 watts up to 310 cubic feet; and the 8,000-watt unit a generous 425 cubic feet- all at temperature ranges from 160–185˚F.

Moma Design Sensity Hammam

Combining an age-old Turkish tradition with contemporary Italian design and state-of-the-art components, the new Sensity Hammam is a multi-sensory escape from the everyday. Like much of Milan-based Moma Design's elegant but minimalist bathroom collection, Sensity (approximately $21,700 to $25,700, plus up to $10,800 for optional accessories) is made entirely of Corian.

Designed by Ignazio Di Masi, water rains down from above like a waterfall while an innovative system of multifunction shower heads releases water and steam horizontally from the heated walls, reaching temperatures as high as 100˚F. As in traditional hammams, Sensity features a heated wardrobe and bench, but is updated with multicolored optical fixers on the ceiling and white LED lights along the perimeters. Completely customizable, Sensity can be tailor-made to transform a bathroom into a spa getaway.

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