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Style File: Spanish Influenced

A stylistic amalgam of European movements, infused with elements acquired during Spain's conquests, Spanish Colonial architecture also shares many of the characteristics frequently associated with the catchall term, "Mediterranean."

Terra-cotta tile roofs, white stucco walls, arched doorways, hand-painted tile work, and decorative wrought iron are all common design details, while entry and interior courtyards are also signature architectural elements.

Spain's crusades in North Africa-where Moorish geometric tile designs and elaborate woodcarvings were prevalent- picked up the trends, which carried over to Spanish colonies in the Americas, particularly Mexico. As Franciscan friars moved north to establish their mission system, they spread the esthetic throughout present-day California.

This Mission version of Spanish Colonial became prevalent on the West Coast during the late 1800s, and influenced what came to be known as the more cleanly interpreted Santa Barbara style, which continues to carry much relevance today.

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