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Green Living: 5 Tips for a Green Remodel

With remodels, a little effort can go a long way. Make your property shine with these 5 tips for executing a successful, sustainable green remodel from Inhabitat.


TIP 1 – Re-evaluate the Space You're Working With: Ask yourself these questions: Do you really need more space? How much space do you need to be comfortable in your home? Can you borrow from the adjacent space to conjure the extra square footage you need?

TIP 2 – Get an Energy Audit: When you start engaging in a remodeling project, one of the first things to check off the list is an energy audit.

TIP 3 – Invest in Quality Over Quantity: Instead of tossing dollars around to quantify space, use your budget to induce quality elements that address your particular needs and aesthetics.

TIP 4 – Use Lighting to Amplify Perspective: The way you introduce light into a space can have an enormous effect on an environment, hugely improving its quality and character.

TIP 5 – Enhance Your Space With Color: The way the light falls on different colors can completely transform a room. Determine the most important wall in each room - the place to which you want to draw peoples' attention - and paint it to your heart's desire.

The tips come from celebrated green home remodeler Sarah Susanka. Check out the full post for detailed tips on green renovations and much, much more.

These are just a few ideas. Easy, eco-friendly ways to take your property to the next level.  For many people sustainable living may seem like an intimidating concept, but under the right guidance and with great tips like these, a green remodel is extremely possible.

Article originally appeared on Partners Trust Blog
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