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Ways The Modern Home Is Evolving

To some extent, many houses look similar to ones built years ago. However, a lot is changing on the inside. We use our homes differently than we did 50 years ago, and building/remodeling trends are keeping up with these changes.

Trends can be broken down into two major interconnected subsets: ways that technology has changed how we live, and ways that how we live has changed our homes.


Many newer homes now feature a garage charging station for modern electric cars (or at least the underlying infrastructure to set one up easily). The same is true for solar power. More and more homes are being built either with solar capabilities installed or are solar ready for when the owners decide to add solar panels.

Home is no longer just a place you live but a place that lives with you. This takes many shapes, from the smart thermostats that keep your home at the perfect temperature, to webcams that let you peek in on the family cat while you are at work, to smart home networks that oversee much of your home's functioning. Smartphones are now both communication devices and remote controls; letting us do everything from locking the door to turning up the heat with a few quick swipes.

Lifestyle Changes

While home theatres and gaming rooms are still popular, home offices are becoming the new essential. As telecommuting and entrepreneurship continues to rise across Los Angeles, your best office might be the one down the hall. Home offices were once afterthoughts but now they are often positioned more prominently in the home.

Multi-generational living is an ongoing trend that continues to evolve. From co-housing in a single home to in-law suites and guest houses that do more than house temporary visitors, our housing reflects a shift away from the traditional nuclear family setup. With space at a premium, the basement, once a home's foundational afterthought can now be an entertainment center, office, or family gathering spot.

Some trends are also fading. Stainless steel appliances are less popular. Granite countertops have given way to marble and quartz.

Styles change but what remains is the joy and value that the right home can bring.

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