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Leverage Global Partners / Core NYC Luncheon

Hosted at a modern, yet classic Greenwich Village penthouse.

Recently, Leverage Global Partners and CORE Real Estate hosted an intimate broker-mastermind luncheon for our members in the Northeast.

The event was hosted at CORE's $25,000,000 Greenwhich Village penthouse listing, represented by Jim St. Andre, Trevor Stephens, and Danielle Frederick. Attendees enjoyed a personalized tour of the property, which conveys the latest expression of urban luxury living, and the opportunity to disuss luxury real estate with top brokers. 

In attendance were members from Alton & Westall Real Estate Agency, CORE, Forest Hill Real Estate, Murphy Realty Group, and Special Properties - covering an array of markets throughout the Northeast and Toronto. 

The contemporary penthouse features a restored iron facade, striking a perfect balance between historic grandeur and modern living. Located across the street from an old police station, it is ensured that the view from the master will never be obstructed by new developments. 


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