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As Seen in Financial Times: Fantasy home: a porch and picket fence property inspired by Desperate Housewives

This beautifully crafted home was modeled after the luxurious mansions portrayed in the ABC Network's hit show "Desperate Housewives".

In the show Desperate Housewives the character Gabrielle Solis, an extravagant model turned housewife played by Eva Longoria, who lives with her husband Carlos and later, two daughters live in a stylish and cosy yellow house fit with a grand dining room, comfy living room, luxurious swimming pool and all the space you'd need for extraneous yoga sessions which is just like this real life mansion located in Calabassas. 

Around 20 miles to the west of Universal Studios, in the mountainous yet calm city of Calabasas, this real life mansion, on the market for $13m looks just like the Solis pad portrayed in the show Desperate Housewives. Its Mediterranean-style architecture seems to be as perfect for Gabrielle, who incorporates Mediterranean-style colours and furnishings in her interior decor. With six bedrooms among its nearly 10,000 sq ft of living space, the house is giant and dazzling, and has a large kitchen for cooking up the occasional storm and hosting the gatherings of friends and family.

All placements secured by the Leverage PR Team. The custom residence is listed at $2,985,000.

Visit the listing: 25232 PRADO DEL MISTERIO

Images courtesy of Frontgate Real Estate. 

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