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Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

From swapping out your tired and tattered couch for retro inspired furniture, to mixing in antiques for an eclectic, boho vibe, get ahead of the curve by trying out these trends that everyone will be talking about come 2019.

As the year draws to a close, we are given time to pause and reflect on all that was. It gives us a chance to look to the future, and, at this time of year, we spend most of our time with a ceiling over our heads. Our eyes are spotting areas in our homes that are due for a touch up or a brand new sparkle. If refreshing your home is in the cards for your new year, this guide will help you incorporate the newest trends in interior design. With ease, your house will feel like a whole new home.

Curvy Furniture

Some things once deemed ‘stylish’ from the 1970s should not be resurrected. The word ‘retro’ can conjure up imagery of gazing into a whirlpool of tie-dye. However, some elements we are excited to see reimagined, including adding a fresh take on curved furnishings. For the longest time, the word ‘modern’ has been connected with sleek lines, horizontal planes, and hard surfaces, but modern welcomes in the softer edges into the mix. The effect is a feeling of being enveloped in soothing fabric; a hug from your new favourite chair.

Eco Friendly

With increasing amounts of information available at our fingertips it is no wonder that we are all becoming more conscious with how our products, food, and now our homes are decorated. One of the biggest trends for 2019 is introducing more eco-friendly or sustainably produced furnishings into our interiors. From natural textures, and woods over plastic and metals, to sourcing ethical or plant-based leathers for furnishings. We are seeing fashion giants, like Chanel, omitting exotic skins from their lines, and the trend literally hits home. A simple way to update with this trend is the introduction of more plants. From entire wall terrains to a family of pot plants, you can choose to play into this eco-friendly trend in a big or small way.

Playful & Primary Hues

It’s time to get a second education on primary colours as 2019 sees a return to brighter and more playful hues. After years of Scandinavian white dominating interiors around the world, we see the trend swaying towards the bold. A pop of colour here and there adds an easy refresh to a room and lends itself to a statement piece or an investment design element. For a simple DIY, turn to paint shades and allow your tired furniture to step into the focus this new year.


Think of your space as a curated art gallery where you can combine eras of furnishings in a contemporary way. It can take a keen eye to create a look that balances each element, but working with a neutral base colour will open you up to simplicity and a canvas ready to be explored. The feel of this trend is functional and timeless with unique pieces leading the way. Turn away from mass produced and scour antique shops and thrift markets. 

Decorated Ceilings

A surprising trend for 2019 sees us looking up rather than outwardly when redecorating our walls. Taking wallpaper from the walls and decorating our ceilings opens up endless possibilities that span from subtle ambience to decadent presence. The key to this trend is balancing all elements and to avoid overdoing patterns or to avoid clashing colours. When making a bold choice for your ceilings, consider keeping your furnishings within a similar tone range and allowing them to be the focal points of your room by keeping furnishings minimal.

Images courtesy of West Elm, Illums Bolighus, HAY, and Homepolish

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