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Eye-Catching Content for Your Instagram

With over 95M images being shared each day, getting your posts to stand out can be a challenge. We’re rounding up the best ways to catch users' eyes and escalate your page.

Each day, Instagram users spend millions of hours scrolling through their feeds. With the endless content on the gram, it can be challenging to create unique content that sets your page apart from the billions of others. Leverage is rounding up three key strategies to draw viewers to your page and increase your following.

Before and After Series

There’s a reason HGTV’s home improvement show ratings are continuously blowing up. Who doesn’t love a good home makeover? Every home needs upkeeping and homeowners are constantly looking for their next projects. Chances are, you’re making improvements to your listings before showings begin (whether that’s minimal renovations or dramatic staging), so make sure to snap some before and after photos to share with your followers. Users will love getting home makeover tips from real estate experts like you!

Stunning Photography

We all know what photograph qualities get us to stop scrolling and spend some extra time on a post. Make sure to get Instagram-worthy photos of your listings to compel users to visit your page. Take advantage of the time of day (twilight photos are always gorgeous!), views, and fixtures to get your followers’ attention. And don’t forget to switch up the layout of your photos! While property photos are typically landscape, portrait photos are perfect for Instagram stories.

Share an Experience

Take to Instagram to let viewers know exactly what it’s like to work with you. Create a visual experience by highlighting sold listings and your favorite part about working on that home. Share your success stories (big or small) and highlight clients who you have helped find their dream home.

For more inspiration for your Instagram, visit @leveragelifestyle!

Images courtesy of St. Kitts Nevis Realty and Vanguard Properties.

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