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Leverage Agent Spotlight: Nick Meyer, EQ1 Real Estate

As part of our ongoing series, Leverage sat down with Silicon Valley agent Nick Meyer.  A family man, active member of his community, and accomplished Realtor, Nick represents clients throughout Silicon Valley, and is known for tenaciously protecting their interests.

How did you get into real estate? 

I have always been completely enamored with real estate from a young age. While some kids were sketching action figures…me, I was drawing floor plans and elevations. I have a rather large portfolio somewhere at my parent’s house. Back to getting started, I joined a top-producing team at the end of 2009, at the absolute worst time to get into real estate! But in actuality, it was the best time to learn, grow, and innovate away from the bad practices that were developed in those years leading to the crash in 2008.

Tell us about one of your most interesting deals.

Quite a few years back I sold a mansion in Hillsborough. The home next door had recently sold for $22,000,000 and my client paid $3,500,000 for his, so it was an incredible opportunity for my client to renovate and expand. The home passed inspections with flying colors. Well, several months later our area had record rain and water poured in from all of the French doors in the ballroom of my client's new home. All the specialists said it was likely just a freak-storm occurrence but my client completely unhinged on everyone but myself, which I did not know until weeks later. I was still relatively new in the business but I remember that the listing agent handled himself with such class and patience, that he is still an example of how I try to handle difficult client situations to this day.


What are your daily “must-dos”?

Peloton, cold shower, and checking-in with clients and the latest new listings.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Checking out new restaurants in our area, taking the kids to our favorite local parks, and traveling as much as possible. Fortunate to live in an area that has or is in close proximity to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in California. Our favorite quick destinations as a family are Carmel, for the white sand beach and scenery, North Lake Tahoe, for the crystal clear waters for summer time fun, and the little village of Murphy’s, for a laid-back wine tasting experience.

Share one thing on your bucket list. 

So many to choose from! But, if I must pick one, and quite a big one if I might add, is to spend a month sailing the med on a yacht. I think I need to get a little better at delegating before this can become a reality! And sell a few more houses ;)

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your business?

I really embrace the idea of lifestyle living, so for me I proudly showcase and sell a community as much as the homes. I believe the specs on a home get so much attention, but life outside of that home not so much. A home can be changed but a community cannot. I often find that the clients I work with are also similar in many ways to myself and my family - we’re not afraid to take our children to restaurants, events, and travel/explore with them vs being homebodies until it becomes easier (does it ever?).

To connect with Nick, please reach out to him at @itsnickmeyer or email him at [email protected]

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If you would like to be interviewed for a Leverage Agent Spotlight, please contact the Leverage team at [email protected].  

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