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Leverage Members Attend the Real Estate Success Rocks Conference in Denver, CO

Real Estate Success Rocks is a not-to-miss agent-centric event that took place in Denver, CO from September 20-22, 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel.

In its seventh year, RESR brings together agents from across North America with a wide scope of ideas and experience. The event was founded by Leverage member agent Patrick Lilly with CORE in New York City. An array of top-performing agents and brokers from the Leverage network were in attendance, including from CORE in New York City, CEO Shaun Osher and Chief Business Development Officer Danielle Garofalo; from Vanguard Properties in Sonoma County and Marin County, Lori Sacco, Ken Dara, Jennifer Bowman, and Elliot Fink; from Lawrence Realty in Squaw Valley, Larry Lawrence; from Atlanta InTown Real Estate in Atlanta, Randal Lautzenheiser, Jesse Dixon, and David Vannort; from Genuine Real Estate in Chicago, Patrick Ryan; from Telluride Properties in Telluride, Mike Shimkonis; from DEN Property Group in Austin/Dallas, Bradley Marshall and Bryan Cady; from Curri Properties in Melbourne, FL, John Curri and Blair Wilgus; and from Accel Realty Partners in Boise, Alei Merrill, Steven Caporale, and Peach Peterson.

From Leverage, Director of Membership Development Bryan Lamb, Account Manager Dakota Spillman, and President Annalisa Povlock. 
From Genuine Real Estate, Owner/Managing Broker Patrick Ryan; from Accel Realty Partners, Founding Partner Alei Merrill; and from DEN Property Group, Managing Partner Bradley Marshall.

The event offered countless great takeaways from brokerages and agents who are leading the way in their respective marketplace. Shaun Osher delivered a keynote speech on Agent Branding citing examples of powerhouse agent brands from CORE’s roster like Emily Baere, Maggie Kent, and the Steve Snider Team. Danielle Garofalo also took the stage to give a talk on The Future of Instagram.

CEO of CORE Shaun Osher delivering his keynote speech on Agent Branding.

Chief of Business Development at CORE Danielle Garofalo talking on The Future of Instagram.

Leverage hosted several networking events for our members in attendance. Kicking off the weekend, Leverage members gathered for a microbrewery tour visiting three of Denver’s best breweries - 14er Brewery, EPIC Brewery, and Ratio Brewery-- to enjoy handcrafted beer, delicious food, and great conversation. The following night, we hosted a Leverage get-together at The Cooper Lounge overlooking the beautiful Denver Union Station.

Leverage members at EPIC Brewery.

From Leverage, Account Manager Dakota Spillman and President Annalisa Povlock.
From CORE, Chief of Business Development Danielle Garofalo. 
From Vanguard Properties, Managing Broker Lori Sacco.

Several Leverage members enjoying cocktails at The Cooper Lounge.

Next year’s Real Estate Success Conference will be held in Miami, FL. We hope to see you all there.

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