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Turn Your Resolutions Into Reality

A new year brings with it the feeling, or need, for change. Society likes to call this feeling “New Year’s resolutions.” It can be fairly straightforward, like reading a book that’s been sitting on your bedside table or losing five pounds that have bothered you for years, but that doesn’t mean change is easy. It’s human nature to resist change. It’s a break in your normal routine which you’ve established for a reason — because it works for you and your current circumstances. Here are a few tips for making a change and sticking with it, turning your resolutions into your reality.

Accepting a Disruption

First things first, accept there will be a change in your circumstances. Circumstances are what shape the environment you’ve settled into: daily routines, finances, and people. How can you expect to implement a change in your life when you’re not willing to change your circumstances? Starting at the core of how you live and spend your time will set off a domino effect for success. It might be a little messy at first, but that’s OK. That’s how you know change is happening.


Wake up Earlier

Even if you are a self-diagnosed “night owl,” waking up early can have a huge impact on achieving the change you want in your life. Our senses are never clearer than in the morning, and so our focus is never better. Starting your day 15 or 30 minutes earlier can mean finishing that book a little faster, and then starting another one. If you’re already an early riser, think about what you’re doing during that time. Are you working? Are you making breakfast for the family or doing household chores? Those are all great, efficient tasks but will they help you make the change that YOU want? Carve out some of that time and dedicate it to yourself.


Place a Bet (On Yourself)

Another way to implement a change in your life is by putting money on it. Place a bet on yourself and put some skin in the game, like an online course or new studio membership. Accepting a change in your finances is accepting a change in your circumstances, making it easier to turn a resolution into reality.

Track Progress

Your life is busy as it is. Making a change may not change that (unless it’s your resolution). In fact, it might make your life a little busier, at least for a while. Stay on top of your progress towards achieving that change whether it’s writing in a daily journal, taking photos on your phone, or updating a Google Sheet every week. Then, at the end of the year when you can see how far you've come, you'll be inspired and ready to make another change.



Photo by Ian SchneiderJonathan Bowersrawpixel, and Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash


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