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The Miller Team Realtors Join Leverage Global Partners to Pioneer New Possibilities

For industry leader Jason Miller, real estate is not just about closing deals; it's about crafting legacies and embracing the power of potential through a new partnership with Leverage Global Partners.

Miller has been a broker/owner with The Miller Team Realtors in Northville, Michigan, for two decades and a licensed agent for nearly 30 years. Having supervised well over 5,000 transactions, Miller is quick to note that his team’s local community engagement and specialized expertise fuel their success and motivation.

“We work with multi-generational families – we’re now serving children of the people I started serving decades ago,” Miller shared. “As a family-owned business, we take great pride in helping our clients throughout their lives and their families’ lives.”

Miller’s entrepreneurial, growth-oriented spirit is transforming the Metro Detroit market. He and his team are steeped in local knowledge and history, providing an enhanced layer of service to every client.

“I grew up here and have lived here my whole life; I know the story of these properties,” shared Miller. “I’m extremely in tune with the land – Who lived here? What businesses started here? – because those things add real value.” 

His team’s significant transaction momentum means they have a finger on the market's daily pulse, accelerating their growth trajectory. Now, Miller and team are looking to capitalize on an opportunity to work with luxury buyers and sellers, a spot in the Michigan market with untapped potential. 

“We’re excited about joining Leverage because we align from an ideological perspective,” said Miller. “We want to learn from people in different markets and share best practices. When you surround yourself with people who are lifelong learners, everyone can be propelled in an upward direction, and that’s what we’re doing with Leverage.” 

With a new chapter ahead, what won’t change is Miller’s personalized approach to both the professionals he brings to the team and the clients they work with. “Our values system drives everything. That’s the most important thing to me; do I surround myself with people who exemplify our values?” 

One of the main motivators in joining Leverage was the suite of tools, resources, and connections that will amplify Miller’s commitment to his clients and the industry. The chance to collaborate with agents in different markets means everyone can learn from each other’s impressive skill sets. With his notable history and experience in real estate, Miller’s expertise will be incredibly beneficial for teams around the country.

Remaining at the forefront of Miller’s focus is his commitment to family – his wife and two daughters inspire his growth and deep appreciation for his community. The success Miller achieves in his market is a springboard for exponential possibilities on a broader scale, illustrating the vital importance of a visionary and independent approach. 


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