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Meet TAHOE MOUNTAIN REALTY: Truckee, Lake Tahoe, CA

Get to know Tahoe Mountain Realty, the exclusive representative for Leverage Global Partners in Truckee, Northstar, Mountainside at Northstar, Lahontan, Schaffer’s Mill, Old Greenwood, and Gray’s Crossing, CA, USA.

What was your vision in founding/working at Tahoe Mountain Realty?

Tahoe Mountain Realty is built on the premise of doing something totally different from the standard brokerage model. Our team is made up of exceptional people from industries beyond real estate, each with a unique perspective and voice on the Lake Tahoe region. This has created a synergetic professional group focused on remarkable service combined with exceptional content; a collaborative environment where consumers want to do business.

How has technology, social media and online marketing changed and/or impacted your approach to business?

We are fully immersed in technology whether using various platforms to share our content or working directly with the innovators of Silicon Valley to find mountain retreats for their families. Because our consumers are chiefs among these industries, they expect to find content through digital mediums. Through these channels we are able to demonstrate the mountain lifestyle inherent to living at Lake Tahoe alongside the actual properties themselves. All of which are terrific opportunities for us to stand out among the crowd.

What do you love most about working and living in Truckee, Lake Tahoe CA?

The most exceptional thing about making a life in Tahoe is opportunity to be surrounded by the most exceptional collection of people imaginable. Very few people are "stuck" in a resort town against their will. As such, everyone is pursuing their passion in a beautiful environment. I love going to the coffee shop to watch Olympians interact with technology visionaries, venture capitalists and tradespeople all of whom are en route to a trail or a mountain to pursue wellbeing.

How do you like to spend your free time?

We've worked hard to create a culture that fulfills the Tahoe Lifestyle. You'll find nearly everyone in our group out scaling a mountain or running in the forest on any given day. I'd stack up our fitness and passion for the outdoors against any other real estate brokerage out there. Among us we've covered the entire Tahoe Rim Trail, 2 Ironman finishes, a 100 mile endurance run, 25 marathons, 30 14,000 foot peaks, the entirety of Lake Tahoe on a paddle board, and a collection of very grounded yogis.

Leverage Global Partners is proud to have the team at Tahoe Mountain Realty as our partners in the network.

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