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Amalfi Estates' Visionary Approach to Redefining Success in Real Estate

The Amalfi Estates team continues its remarkable philanthropic journey, with its 12-agent team donating $208,166 in 2023 alone.

In the early stages of his career, founder Anthony Marguleas took a pivotal step by generously donating two full commissions to local charities. This decision marked a turning point in shaping his vision for the future of Amalfi Estates.

Real estate serves as the team’s conduit for charitable initiatives, enabling them to wholeheartedly embrace the notion of positively impacting the community. Over the last eight years, this dynamic team has assisted over 50,000 families via their charitable giving program and contributed more than $2 million to various charitable causes.

Their giving strategy centers on six vital initiatives: kids, health, pets, homelessness, helping gang members get jobs, and the environment. As a result, their 2023 efforts led to: 

  • 92 cancer patients and caregivers receiving one week of lodging via the American Cancer Society

  • 6 children with a terminal or very serious illness and their families receiving flights via Make-A-Wish

  • 107 former gang members receiving tattoo removal services so they could get jobs through Homeboy Industries

  • 7,795 meals from The People Concern provided to those experiencing homelessness 

  • 111 dogs saved and cared for at Wags and Walks

  • 40 pounds of trash removed from the California coastline through Heal the Bay

 "We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to give back to six amazing charities,” said Marguleas.

The numbers are undoubtedly impressive, but the team wants to do more. 

Amalfi Estates is energized by the incredible possibilities at the confluence of social responsibility and real estate, and the team views themselves as a “philanthropic company that excels at selling real estate.”

The symbiotic relationship between achievement and altruistic values at Amalfi Estates sets a compelling example for other businesses to embrace. With the hope that their impact can inspire others to explore a similar model, Marguleas and his team walk the talk by taking active roles with their charitable partners. 

In the world of real estate, where numbers often define success, Amalfi Estates boldly asserts that true fulfillment lies in the transformative power of giving.

Pictured: Sue Marguleas, Anthony Marguleas, and Sherry Lansing, Co-Founder of the Cal Spirit (The American Cancer Society's primary LA fundraiser)


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