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Dominic Labriola

Dominic Labriola

REALTOR® | License #: 01905889
Email  |  602.755.7110
Dominic Labriola entered the real estate industry as a wide-eyed 10-year-old. The hours he spent working alongside his father, a general contractor and realtor, fostered his love for designing and selling homes. This deeply embedded passion for the industry became his launchpad for his career as a young Realtor in Arizona.

When Dominic got his real estate license at 19, he already had years of experience in design and construction, so he dove into his career in Lake Havasu City. He quickly built up a strong and successful solo business by using the internet to cull quality leads and turn strangers into buyers. Soon, he was managing the top local agent’s office, selling a high volume of homes every year. When the market crashed, Dominic took some steps back from real estate and he also began to transition his life and career to Los Angeles.

A glance at Dominic’s life and career reveals a resilient drive that is core to his being. From managing his family’s business through hardship, to diving back into the real estate industry after the market shift, he takes no opportunity for granted and perseveres to achieve the best for his clients, many of whom have become his friends. Dominic’s determination and dedication to his clients has led to notable success in real estate. He is proud to represent influential, leading Angelenos from television, technology and medical industries.

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