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Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co.

Dominic Labriola Max Fitzgerald
COO | Founding Partner | Broker
Dominic Labriola
Max Fitzgerald
CEO | Broker
Max Fitzgerald
Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co.
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Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. Serving Southern California, Northern California & Arizona.

Your Guide Through All The Moving Parts.

When you decide to sell or buy a house, it's easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed by the entire process.  The truth is, there are a lot of moving parts, and it's easy to become fatigued.  We have the experience and skills you need.  We will guide you every step of the way, lessen frustration and help you buy or sell with success.


Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. was founded by Max Fitzgerald and Dominic Labriola in 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Now, with offices in Southern California, Northern California & Arizona.  As an exclusive representative of Leverage Global Partners our Estate Agents can help you buy or sell real estate all over the world.

Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. brings together knowledgeable, honest and forward-thinking professionals to provide exceptional real estate services. Craft & Bauer promotes a nurturing and collaborative working environment. Our Estate Agents have experience in residential, multi-family and commercial property types, providing them exposure to almost every facet of the real estate industry. As a result, a Craft & Bauer Estate Agent is considered one of the most well-rounded, ethical and respected thought leaders in their respective communities.

At Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co., Estate Agents come together to cooperate and collaborate freely. This creates a setting where agents, employees and clients feel taken care of, supported and valued.


Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. provides exceptional hand-crafted real estate services to a discerning clientele. Our mission is to be the finest, most forward-thinking and supportive real estate brokerage.



  • We are competent, organized and efficient.
  • We are dependable.
  • We are responsive and engaged.


  • We are engaging and approachable.
  • Our style is chic, sophisticated and uncluttered.
  • We are humble and filled with gratitude.


  • We embrace changes in tools and technology that improve the experience for our clients and teammates.
  • We never rest on our laurels.
  • We are independently owned and operated, making us nimble and open to change.


  • We are true fiduciaries, we put the needs of our clients above our own interests.
  • We are transparent and consistent.
  • We are respected as thought leaders in our industry.


  • We believe selling real estate well is a true craft.
  • We are proficient and studied.
  • We are experienced and precision-calibrated.


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