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Justin Naoe

Justin Naoe

REALTOR® | License #: 01855054
Email  |  424-344-4649
Justin Naoe is an Estate Agent with Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. Licensed in both California and New York, Justin truly started at the bottom and is proud of the positive trajectory of his career. Having gone from once showing a rental in Brooklyn where an opened fridge was discovered to hold maggots to now renovating his own historical properties, Justin has seen it all. He’s seen real estate multiply assets based on personal experience, from condos and single family homes to investment properties. He finds immense pride in being entrusted by friends to represent them in their real estate transactions. While it may sound simple, he feels a huge accomplishment in their enthusiasm to work with him.

Justin’s philosophy when it comes to client relationships is to set them up for success. This isn’t just limited to price - but also a well executed transaction. Justin’s favorite part of the process is in the acceptance. “It’s the biggest win in a transaction,” he explains, “and is often the most difficult stage. An acceptance in a transaction is also the start of the next chapter of life for a buyer or seller. Often the word negotiation suggests someone is winning and someone is losing, or there is a stronger arm. I disagree - a negotiation that leads to a closed transaction means both sides are winning.”

Beyond just the uniqueness of landscapes and architecture styles, Justin is passionate that Los Angeles real estate provides amazing investment opportunities that enhance the outcome of someone’s life more than just simply buying property to live in.

Justin draws inspiration from many avenues, mostly from traveling. His philosophy from his own personal projects and developments is to create a space that is fully functional with design that is timeless.

Being a Filipino American with immigrant parents, Justin is involved in an organization which provides housing and education for the most marginalized communities in the Philippines. Locally, he has an affinity for Filipino organizations providing financial literacy and education to Los Angeles residents. He’s done presentations to the group and is actively involved.

Justin and wife Maria love to travel with their young children in tow. They love visiting older cities and seeing the richness of the history in the architecture. Their favorite places to keep visiting are Positano, Capri, Florence and Tokyo.

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