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Gordon Macgeachy

Gordon Macgeachy

REALTOR® | License #: 01312979
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Originally from Scotland, my real estate career began in Chicago in 1997. With some thoughtful marketing featuring my dog named Belle, I quickly became one of the cities most successful agents. During a visit to Beverly Hills in 2001, I was lucky enough to meet with Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland, and an opportunity was presented to join the most exclusive brokerage in 90210. Two months later Belle and I arrived in Los Angeles, and so began an amazing journey into a world of real estate and client relationships that most people can only imagine.

My first clients in LA were a young and newly married couple from London, looking for a home in the hills. One week later we found the perfect place in the Bird Streets, and closed 30 days later. With no possessions other than the clothes they had arrived in, I was asked to have the home furnished, hang art on the walls, and park 3 cars in the garage before they moved in. Never being one to say no, I jumped in and took care of everything. It was hard work, but I loved every minute of it. Following that, I was invited to London to see how they “really” lived, and was asked to be their real estate advisor, handling residential property transactions across Europe and the USA.

It was then that I realized there was a lot more to real estate than just buying and selling homes. It was all about trust and building relationships, and that is something I have never forgotten. Since then I have been lucky enough to be trusted advisor and confidant to some of the worlds most accomplished entrepreneurs, and today serve a small group of ultra-high-net-worth families, their family offices and advisors.

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