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"Membership in the Leverage Network, with its myriad resources, as well as media/industry relationships and Partners Referral Program, is critical to the success of independent brokerages and the clients they serve. These resources and relationships enable real estate professionals – in any market – to standout by focusing on what they do well: providing unmatched local market knowledge; devoting the time and energy to truly be client-focused; and implementing targeted and impactful marketing campaigns with a local, regional, national, and international reach. This is particularly true for agents in competitive markets and/or who list unique/specialty properties that require reaching geographically dispersed, and difficult-to-identify (sometimes international) buyer pool(s). On a recent listing for a celebrity client with a highly specialized property (i.e., 20+ car collector’s garage; nearly 30 total acres allowing for various agricultural and recreational uses; rural location with a high price point; etc.), Leverage was able to secure positive media placement in multiple, major publications (i.e., LA Times, Robb Report,, etc.) – dramatically increasing the listings exposure, and generating significant interest from hard-to-reach potential buyers. Simply put, Leverage is an invaluable partner that can take your business to the next level."

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