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Presented with Multiple Offers over List Price
"Shortly after DEN Property Group joined the Leverage Global Team, a referral came into our office from a Leverage agent in San Antonio, TX. She had a client whose mother wanted to sell her home in Austin so that she could move closer to her grandchildren in San Antonio. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to handle our first referral through the network and promptly started a conversation with Nena King at Nix Realty about the client and her needs. After an initial meeting with the client, we developed our game plan and timetable for listing her home. It was located in a very sought-after neighborhood on a quiet street. We listed the home on Thursday night and by Sunday I was presenting multiple offers for up to $15,000 over list price. After convincing the appraiser of the new value of homes in the neighborhood, the buyer’s loan was approved and the client was able to make a comfortable move to her new home in San Antonio. I had a great first experience within the Leverage family and I look forward to returning the favor many times over to agents within the network."

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