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Lake Oswego, OR, USA

In the land of tall green fir trees in the Great Northwest stands the internationally active port city of Portland, Oregon and its glistening lake centered city of Lake Oswego. Boasting view and waterfront living, working and dining framed by majestic mountains and coastlines, the Greater Portland area has natural beauty, urban and country properties among the best anywhere. The area is buoyed by excellent educational institutions, high tech, sports, tourism, wine, beer and service industries attracting the highest levels of talent and energy. “Live where you work and work where you play” is the area’s creed due to the proximity of peerless outdoor locations, activities and vistas.

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  • 2.5 million population

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Lake Oswego, Oregon

Known for it’s focus on public education, walking and biking trails, parks along the lake and river, Lake Oswego, Oregon is a great place for families.

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  • Lake Oswego, OR, USA

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