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Location: Vail

Though a year-round destination, Vail was predominately created by and for skiing. As popular as skiing is in the winter, activities such as hiking, cycling and golfing fill the void in the summer.

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  • Voice from the Street
  • Ski
  • Location:
  • Vail, CO, USA


It was 1925 when the Chamber of Commerce put their efforts behind the "Forward Atlanta" campaign, hoping to attract national companies who would establish regional headquarters in the city. It worked, and millions in new money helped fuel Atlanta's economy. By the end of the 20 th century, Atlanta was well-established as the economic engine of the New South, with government and transportation significant contributors to its development. Today, metropolitan Atlanta has the largest number of federal agencies outside of Washington, D.C., including the headquarters for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Plus the "world's most-traveled" airport.

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  • Travel
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  • Atlanta, GA, USA


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