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Provence, France: Hidden Treasures of the Backcountry

The beaches of St Tropez, the red carpet of Cannes, the super yachts lining the old port of Antibes, the old town of Nice – not to mention the Michelin starred restaurants, the lavender fields and olive groves. None of which is to turn your nose up at, but you’d be wrong to think that Provence holds no surprises. All it takes is to head into the depths of the backcountry. North and West. The Provencal region called the Var is the shy cousin of the glitzy Riviera. The Var yields up the other face of Provence – the less glitzy, perhaps more authentic face. Where villages were laid to siege by marauders in days of yore, and troubadours penned their poems of unrequited love to the damsels of the court. Provence covers a large area with very different landscapes and discoveries, but they all share the same culture and history. Exploring here guarantees the discovery of memorable treasures that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find.

  • 5:15pm local time
  • 5 million population

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