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Leverage Global Partners is proud to partner with is a leading Chinese website for buyers of overseas real estate property that reaches 3.1 million monthly online visitors. Leverage will now make syndication to the China-based international property portal available to member agents through the Digital Advertising program.

This additional exposure expands your global audience and offers a more enhanced digital advertising at a special rate for Leverage members, as audiences now exist on both sides of China's Internet Firewall. CEO and Director Carrie Law said, "By providing direct access to Chinese buyers, this partnership enables the agents in the Leverage network to work with the largest foreign buyer group in the country. Wealthy and upper middle-class Chinese worry about the trade war, a potential devaluation of their currency, and the stress that their local school system puts on their kids. In 2018, China lost almost as many high net worth individuals to emigration as the next three countries combined. The United States is a leading destination for Chinese investors, students, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. Chinese invested, according to the National Association of Realtors, more than $30 billion in American residential property last year alone."

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