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As Seen in Apartment Therapy: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Hawaii (Besides Buying a Surfboard)

Chuck Garrett with Elite Pacific Properties and Amy-Noelle Gallo with LUVA Real Estate share their expertise and top tips on relocating from the mainland of the United States to Hawaii.

Itching for a move to the Aloha State? Apartment Therapy recently rounded up the top things to know when preparing to make the move. The article includes the expertise of Leverage members, VP of Business Development at Elite Pacific Properties Chuck Garrett and Agent at LUVA Real Estate Amy-Noelle Gallo. 

From the cost of moving your household goods to Hawaii’s animal quarantine laws, Chuck Garrett covers the ins and outs of the moving process from the mainland to the islands. “Notwithstanding the distance, many aspects of moving to Hawaii are the same as relocating between states and the mainland,” Garrett says. As a Certified Relocation Professional (CPR), Garrett has extensive knowledge of the preparation and process of moving from the mainland to Hawaii.

When relocating to the islands, the cost of shipping items from your vehicle(s) to household goods is one of the biggest details to consider. In the article, Amy-Noelle Gallo, who specializes in Residential Real Estate, details the process and expenses of shipping your belongings to Hawaii.

The two-round up the article with some key details on what living in Hawaii looks like day-to-day, including a paradise tax, the possibility of coming down with “island fever,” and community.

Click here to view the full article in Apartment Therapy. Placement secured by the Leverage PR Team.

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