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Leverage President Annalisa Povlock Interviewed on Arch Digest’s Asking Price

Architectural Digest’s hit show features a renter, an owner, and a real estate expert to try to guess how much a recently sold property sold for.

President of Leverage Global Partners, Annalisa Povlock, recently starred in an episode of Architectural Digest’s YouTube series, Asking Price. In the episode, Povlock was featured as the real estate expert who made an educated guess on the property’s asking price. 

The 5 bedroom house in Culver City, CA offers ocean and city views, an infinity pool, and countless luxury amenities. The floorplan boasts open living spaces and huge closets. It is located near the lovely Kenneth Hahm Park and is centrally located within Los Angeles. 

The three guessers, a renter in Los Angeles, an owner of a one-bedroom in Los Angeles, and Povlock - the real estate expert - made their final guesses after being provided information on the amenities, floorplan, location, and seeing the property photography. This property broke the record for the highest-priced listing in Culver City, CA. Watch the video to see how close (or far) Annalisa was from the guessing price!

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