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As Seen in Curbed LA: What to Expect When Buying a House in Los Angeles

Owner of ACME Real Estate, Courtney Poulos, shares insight on what to expect in the Los Angeles market this year. 

Homebuying in Los Angeles in 2020 is off to a busy start. Curbed Los Angeles recently featured Owner of Leverage member brokerage ACME Real Estate, Courtney Poulos, on what to expect when buying a house in the LA market this upcoming year. 

According to Poulos, the hottest price points in LA this year will be between $799,000 and $1.4 million. This being said, buyers should be prepared to make competitive offers. In a market as competitive as Los Angeles, buyers should consider how long a home has been sitting on the market and acknowledge that this often means the home is overpriced. Poulos advises buyers to embrace homes that might not be well-staged or up-to-date in terms of style and consider doing some work on the home to make it suit their tastes. Another important thing to consider is that, when buyers are searching for their first homes, they will likely live in the home for at least half a decade. “Ask yourself: Will this work for me for the next five to seven years,” Poulos advises. 

A real estate matchmaker for over a decade, Courtney Poulos is the Owner of ACME Real Estate, the Leverage representative in Mid City, CA. ACME is a full-service boutique brokerage that is committed to savvy marketing and expert representation. 

Placement secured by the Leverage PR Team. Click here to view the full article on Curbed LA. 

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