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Tennessee’s Top Rated Local Real Estate Brokers Award Winner: CHORD Real Estate

Top Rated Local is pleased to announce that CHORD Real Estate is an award winner for real estate brokers in 2019.

Top Rated Local has announced their annual Local Real Estate Brokers Award Winner in Tennessee. Taking customer service, reviews, and unique features into account, CHORD Real Estate has been announced as the top rated local brokerage. 

Located in Nashville, CHORD Real Estate was established with the goal of offering the highest level of customer service possible. “Our passion for creating a smooth, well-resourced, and enjoyable experience instills a genuine sense of confidence and trust,” said Steven Luther, Investment & Commercial Broker. Their supreme customer service has resulted in overwhelmingly positive reviews across four different verified sites and a reputation as Nashville’s go-to independent brokerage. 

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CHORD Real Estate 

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and CHORD Real Estate. 

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