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How to Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

With the new year quickly approaching, many people have upgrades on the brain: from personal improvements (like going to the gym three times a week) to professional improvements (such as going after that promotion), fresh starts and life upgrades seem to be on everyone’s agenda.

Of course, we are often focused on the home — and more specifically, how to upgrade your home (and on a post-holiday budget!). Today we’re sharing 10 simple ways to refresh your home in the new year — or any time you want!

Add a Splash of Paint

Paint is probably the easiest (and most fun) way to upgrade your personal space. You can paint the walls of a room (try an accent wall or a bold new color!), your kitchen cabinets, or even your front door. Not only can adding new paint freshen up a space, it can give it an entirely new energy and vibe. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either — a fresh can of paint doesn’t have to cost more than $20!

Use Your Imagination

Sometimes upgrading your home just requires using a little imagination! Imaginative reuse is a decorative practice where you come up with creative new ways to reuse items you already own (or that you procure from somebody else!). You might turn a suitcase into a side table or a camera into a lampstand. There are endless possibilities for upgrading your home when you get creative!

Refresh the Caulk

Bathroom caulk is one of those barely noticeable, but really important home upgrades. As the sealant between joints and seams, it plays the very important role of preventing leaks and mildew buildup — and when it’s worn out, it not only not pretty, it’s not healthy either. Old caulk can collect mold, mildew, and bacteria, causing wall damage as well as potentially damaging your health. You can re-caulk your bathroom within a weekend, and without breaking the bank!

Change the Lighting

There’s a reason it’s called “mood lighting”: changing the lighting in a space can completely alter the room! Consider the vibe you’re going for in a specific room in your house. Maybe you want your bedroom to feel more tranquil, or maybe you want the kitchen to be more bright. Think about how you can upgrade the lighting in different rooms of your home to match the mood you’re trying to set. You might even install a dimmer, should your mood ever change (and you know it will!).

Add New Life with Plants

Plants are not only beautiful to look at — they have the added bonus of literally breathing new life into your space! With so many variations (in size, color, texture, and more!) to choose from, you can purchase plants that reflect your personality and align with your vision for your home. And you can do it all in a way that fits within your home improvement budget. Add new life to your space in the new year with a few fresh plants!

Fix Your Fixtures

One easy way to freshen up your space? Pay attention to your fixtures — from cabinet handles to lightswitch plates, these items may be small, but they make a big impact! Do a quick review of the different fixtures throughout your home: What can you upgrade? What might better fit within your aesthetic vision? What might add a unique twist to the areas of a room that we reach for every day? Don’t overlook the little things!

Add Myriad Types of Molding

The design is in the details, which is why a simple upgrade to the molding in your house can make all the design difference! From wainscoting to crown molding to wall frames and window trims, there are myriad ways you can update the look and feel of your home by focusing on the architectural details around your walls. While completely upgrading your molding can be a pricey project, you can look up DIY instructions for getting the job done yourself — and getting it done well!

Reflect a New View with Mirrors

Mirrors are pretty magical. A well-placed mirror will transform your space, creating the illusion of additional room, catching and reflecting back light, and offering an opportunity to check your outfit before leaving the house! Think beyond your bathroom and your bedroom, and add mirrors throughout your living space to open up your rooms and frame a few new views.

Spruce Up Your Shutters

Shutters are important for keeping light out (or in), providing privacy, and keeping rooms warm. But they’re also an important decorative piece in your overall interior design! For a quick update to the look of a room, consider sprucing up your shutters — either replacing them altogether, adding a quick splash of paint (see our point above), or fixing any broken pieces. A simple upgrade can make all the difference!

Create Storage Space with Shelves

You don’t need to add new cabinets to find more storage space. Start by adding a few shelves in different rooms to take further advantage of your wall space! Adding more shelving can also help clear up some of the clutter. By doing more “vertical decorating," you can upgrade your space while adding some character, too!


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