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Home Theaters: Experience the Cinema Right in Your Own Home

In the world of high-end residential real estate, a home movie theater is a luxury amenity, an incredible addition that adds value to a home in more ways than one.

There are different types of private "screening" rooms with amenities to personalize the experience. A large screen is a must; some feature screens that drop down from the ceiling, while others are built into the wall. There are home theaters that offer tiered seating with big, comfy leather seats that recline and have cup holders just like your favorite local cinema. Except in these theaters, there are no long lines for food or spilled soda seeping thru your shoes. 

You may be craving popcorn to go with your flick or a home cooked meal, perhaps thematically linked with the movie you are watching (who doesn’t want to eat gumbo when they’re watching "Forest Gump"?) Well, at your own home cinema, the food choices are endless and entirely up to you.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Here are some incredible properties featuring home movie theaters from our Leverage Global Partners:

1. Über Chic Home Theater

Represented by The Hudson Group

2. Elegant yet Comfy Media Room

Represented by Tradition Properties

3. Traditional Tiered Home Theater 

Represented by Elite Realty Group

4. Ultra Luxe Screening Room

Represented by Partners Trust Real Estate

5. Intimate and Velvety Private Theater

Represented by Beauchamp Estates

We can't imagine a better way to enjoy a favorite flick or the latest Hollywood blockbuster than in a private home theatre, complete with comfy leather recliners, a huge screen and the latest in surround sound.

If you had a home cinema, what would be the first movie you'd screen for your guests? Please share your comments with us!

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