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Our House is Your House | 10 Stunning Guest Houses You Could Call Your Own

As the saying goes, “our house is your house.” It’s a hospitable sentiment many have for those they love and want to spend time with.

Having a guest house makes it all the easier to act on that sentiment. When you are able to provide guests with a space they can call their own, you achieve the perfect balance between togetherness and privacy. You may not even mind if they decide to extend their stay … maybe.

Discover these stunning guest houses located across the globe that are available now from Leverage partners.

Island Time

Set your watch to island time at this charming estate in the British Virgin Islands. With views of the marina, an outdoor terrace, gym, and infinity pool, your guests will feel right at home under the Caribbean sunshine.

Mountain Elegance

Hit the world- famous slopes in the winter or go hiking in the summer, no matter what time of year Telluride doesn’t disappoint. Just a short walk from the town center lies this elegant home with expansive windows and a cozy guest house.

Southern Charm

Home to championship golfing and pristine beaches, Kiawah Island is the postcard for Southern luxury. This home and guest cottage were designed to complement the surrounding natural beauty made up of shady mature oaks, pines, and palmetto trees.

Garden Party

A little over an hour south of the bright lights and historic sites of Tokyo sits an oceanfront villa and guesthouse just waiting to play host. With an expansive garden and over 72,000 sq. ft. of space, it’s an entertainer’s dream on a Japanese peninsula.

Camelot in the Valley

Nestled in the Valley of the Sun is a modern day Camelot. Gold Mountain Preserves is a prestigious community of luxury homes with dramatic courtyards, sprawling great rooms, and spacious guest casitas.

All images courtesy of Leverage

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