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Four Star Guest Room

If you’re lucky to have enough space for a dedicated guest room, you probably welcome out-of-towners and extended family regularly. Or maybe you have a spare bed in a room that doubles as office. However you host guests in your home, here are some tips on making your accommodations “four star.”

Obviously you want to provide your guests with the best in bedding. That means 100% cotton or linen, preferably in neutral shades to promote a restful ambiance.


Supplying your guest with a luxurious dressing gown is much-appreciated gesture—especially welcome if their bath is not en suite.

An oversized basket in a guest room makes a good spot for towels and additional blankets, so a guest has easy access to these essentials.

Be sure to address how guests can manage their luggage. A bench at the foot of the bed is a practical solution.

A luggage rack is another simple item that can be folded away when the room is unoccupied.

Place an excellent reading lamp on the nightstand. Take care to outfit the bedside table with little amenities such a box of tissues, a jug or bottle of sparkling water, a notepad and pen. A small tray can keep these all organized. Fresh flowers are always a great way to welcome friends to your home. And don’t forget to place a small note card on the table that provides your Wi-Fi password.

A charming touch that both you and your guests will enjoy is a guest book where visitors can record their trip dates and observations. Hosts can include some notes about things to do in their city, favorite restaurants, and local numbers for dry cleaners, pharmacies, etc.


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