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Pisces Rising!

Late February and early March marks the astrological sign of the fish. And the lovely pattern of fish scales is having a moment, design-wise. Designers are conjuring with the magic of overlapping scallop shapes in all kinds of ways, from architectural details to soft goods to tabletop and more.

Ceramic tiles have long used fish scale imagery as an inspiration and today’s tile takes the look even further in bold colors and finishes. This example shows how fresh and contemporary the pattern looks when given a high gloss glaze and used as a kitchen backsplash.

With its obvious reference points to water, waves, and bathing, the fish scale motif is very popular in bathrooms. Using variables shades of tile and nacreous finishes can create an almost iridescent look of a mermaid’s tale.

The fish scale has a long history in many ancient cultures’ decorative traditions, including Greco-Roman and Byzantine arts. This spectacular hand-painted vase with its wave upon wave of scallops, is a work by the masterful Fujii Kinsai, a contemporary artist who uses traditional elements of the Imari-Arita region of Japan, famous for its fine porcelain.

This statement credenza employs silver leaf scales in a sunburst complemented by ebonized cabinetry.

The fish scale motif almost becomes a flower in this lovely mirror whose individual scales are etched in scallops, as well.

Herend, the prestigious European porcelain house who sets the tables of kings and queens, has long produced its very popular Fish Scale dinnerware pattern in eight different colors.

Thanks to the ingenious company Superfront, you can swap out your generic IKEA cabinet fronts with their custom doors, panels, and hardware. One option is their Big Fish pattern, which comes in 12 different colors.

Hand-gilded in metallic gold leaf and etched with a scallop motif, this wallpaper may be a budget breaker, but makes a powerful statement when used as an accent in an entry vestibule or hallway.


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