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Living with Pets

We love our dogs and cats and can’t live without them. But we don’t always love their contributions to our households: pet hair, muddy paws, etc. When it comes to planning your decor around a furry friend, there are the obvious workarounds. It’s always better to avoid wall-to-wall carpeting—stick to hardwoods, stone or ceramic tile.

If you have the space or are in the process of a remodel, consider using a mudroom or laundry room to include a pet care area. It can take the form of a dog-washing sink, a console where food is dispensed.

When possible it’s great to include a space near where dogs routinely enter the house, so it’s easy to deal rainy day mud and leaves.

For dogs or cats, creating a feeding station makes sense. Converting kitchen cabinetry to this purpose can be a simple fix. This can provide a great way to organize kibble while also keeping it handy. And the pull-out food bowls keep them out of the way after meal times.

When homeowners need to manage their dog’s access to areas of the house, it’s always good to have options such as these well-designed gates on hand.

Crate training has become a standard practice for many dog owners as it keeps pets happily safe and secure while owners are away from home.  The crates themselves are not the most esthetically pleasing. The talented designer behind Go!Pet Design has tackled this problem and creates custom crates that are almost works of art.

Where to put the —ahem—litter box is a decision all cat owners are familiar with. Here again, creating an area in a laundry or mud room is an ideal solution. Cats like their privacy so giving them some out of the way space works for all.

Another clever solution is to place an opening to an attached garage. In this case, the cat can come and go to its toys, litter box and food.

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