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Patio Libations

The deck is calling. Or maybe it’s your condo balcony. A backyard hammock? Wherever you land this summer, the right beverage will make your relaxation that much nicer. Here are some quaffs that are just right for warm-weather evenings.

Bubbles always seem to suit the summer. Especially poolside. Try the Mercat Brut Cava, a fizzy Spanish broth of apple, cream and pear.

For a light pre-dinner flight, serve your guests a flute of something bubbly along with olives and nuts. Adami Brut Prosecco Garbel is a dry, crisp wine from the Italian province of Treviso that will whet appetites and match the casual summer pace.

An easy way to welcome a larger group is to have a frosty pitcher of sangria waiting alongside gleaming stemware for serve-yourself convenience. Simple to make (wine, fruit juice, liqueur and water), sangria looks gorgeous with its ruby tones set off by lime and lemon wheels. Ina Garten has a superlative recipe here.

The British perfected the classic hot-weather drink, the gin and tonic, during their time in India. Give this traditional cocktail a twist by using Waterloo Antique Gin, a white spirit aged in oak barrels for a distinctly different taste.

St. Germain is a versatile liqueur derived from the elderflower that has notes of grapefruit and vanilla. It makes a lovely summer mixer. The Go Lightly is an elegant cocktail that deserves to be sipped lazily under a striped umbrella.

Given its tropical climate, it’s no surprise that Mexico has dreamed up its share of refreshing beverages. For a non-alcoholic thirst quencher, discover the fun of making Agua Frescas (“fresh water”). Blend or juice watermelon, cantaloupe or other fruit, add water, some sweetener and serve (recipes here). And if you add a little kick, we won’t tell anyone.

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