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Holiday Gift Ideas: Awesome Home Accessories You Must Add To Your Wish List

In the market for something a little different to spruce up your holiday decor?  Take a peek at a few of our favorite home accessories of the season, each with unique and interesting appeal. Whether you’re the gift giver, or the lucky recipient, these distinctive home accessories are guaranteed to spread some holiday cheer:

Bulbing Lamp
(via Bulbing)

This  LED lamp creates a powerful 3D optical illusion that adds artistry and the gentle glow of ambient light to any room.

French Wine Bottle Riddling Rack
(via Pottery Barn)

Mimicking the look of old champagne riddling racks, your beautiful labels and vintage bottles create an artful display for the perfect decorative touch.

(via Back to the Roots)

Grow your own herbs in this sustainable ecosystem, where fish feed the plants and plants clean the water, creating the perfect green holiday gift.

Wake-Up Light
(via Philips)

Rise and shine each morning with a 30-minute color changing sunrise simulation that encourages your body to wake up in a more natural way.

Luna Wall Panels
(via UncommonGoods)

  These 3-dimensional tiles produced from sugarcane pulp create a dramatic, contemporary setting, and can be trimmed to perfectly fit your space.

Reina Chair
(via Anthropologie)

Evoking the exaggerated fan shape and looping patterns of a 1900’s Oriental design, this handwoven chair provides a breezy addition to your home decor.

OM/ONE Bluetooth Speaker
(via OM/ONE)

Designed by a team of industrial and audio engineers, this musical orb is the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Branch Table
(via Seventh Avenue)

Crafted from natural branches, this one-of-a-kind wood and bamboo creation makes for a unique and decorative end table.

Claro Candle
(via Claro Candles)

Every candle purchased through Claro has a different giving outcome that fights social injustice, such as sending a child to school, or providing a meal to someone in need.

What's on your wish list this year? Please share your ideas and leave your comments below.

Photos courtesy of Hypebeast, Pottery Barn, UncommonGoods,, Inhabit,
Anthropologie, Bulbing, Seventh Avenue, Claro Candles 
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