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Navigate 2016: Your True North - Leading With Your Greatest Strength

At the Leverage Global Partners Navigate Retreat, CEO Amy Updegrove talked with partners who have enjoyed success by identifying and establishing their unique talent and brand, and whose focus on what they already do well has propelled, and kept them, at the top of their industry.

The session focused on how agents could create their own success by building upon what they are already doing well, by tuning out distractions from new technologies, tools and ideas, and finding their true North in order to protect and expand their home port.

Nick Segal, Partners Trust

Based out of: Los Angeles, CA

Core value/strength: Raising the bar of professionalism

Pro tip: Look inward

“How do you stay true to your moral compass and what you started doing as a company despite these [technological] influences coming into the market that are challenging us all? Who are we? How will we rally together to maintain what we created together? Unless we take an aggressive, proactive stance, we will continue to be eroded.”

Tony Sargent, CORE

Based out of: New York, NY

Core value/strength: Transition

Pro tip: Remember it’s not about you

“People move for life reasons...something precipitates that move and it’s very easy in our world today--with selfies, and Instagram, and Million Dollar Listing--that we make this business about us. To me, it’s never been about me, it’s about them. That’s my true North. It’s not about me being imposed on them, the value is on what’s best for the client.”

Watch the full session of 'Your True North' here >

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