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Xeriscaping: Sustainable Landscaping Design

In the more arid or drought-prone areas of the world, creating outdoor living spaces can pose quite a challenge. Enter xeriscaping: a drought-tolerant and beautiful way to implement native plants, hues and landscapes, in even the driest of climates.

Desert landscapes don't have to be monochromatic–this cactus and succulent wall brings in color and creates a focal point.

Incorporating hearty, native plants that have adapted to the climate reduces the amount of water needed to sustain this garden vista.

The use of rocks in this xeriscaped creation adds the illusion of water flowing through the pots and path to create a zen-like flow.

This Palo Alto, CA front yard adds texture by utilizing blue and green-hued tumbled glass and buff-colored decomposed granite.

A tapestry of succulents replace turf grass, complimenting southwestern stucco and Spanish tiles.

Water waste can be eliminated by confining plants which need higher concentrations of water to their own containers.

Succulents add a pop of color to this outdoor kitchen and entertaining space.

Xeriscape gardens range from very minimal foliage with lots of stones, rocks and other silvery elements.

Photos courtesy of DIY Network, Garden Design, Potted Store,
Sunset (1)(2)(3), Dwell/Groundwork Office, Design Sponge
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