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Inman News Feature: How Brokerage Networks are Stoking Growth of Independents

Inman News recently featured Leverage Global Partners in an article detailing the growth of referral networks for independent brokerages. Brokerage networks like Leverage are “helping stoke the indie broker boom by providing a middle ground between isolated independent on the one hand, and the expense and restrictions that come with affiliating with a big franchise brand on the other.”

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Partners Trust, which now has seven offices and 190 agents, founded the Leverage Global Partners network to show clients that it had access to a broader network of buyers and business insights than just its local market.

"You're in a silo as an independent brokerage," said Leverage's president and co-founder, F. Ron Smith.

The network targets firms with an eye on growth, Smith said. Member firms range in size from 10 agents to 640 agents.

Members won't be much bigger, Smith said, because the network wants firms to be small enough to remain engaged and for each to face similar challenges regarding growth.

Leverage keeps its network exclusive by market because it wants members to share best practices freely without worrying that they're giving their secret sauce to the competition, Smith said.

Todd Narlinger, broker-owner of Denver-based Madison & Company, signed his firm up for Leverage in November 2013.

Over the years he noticed that national and international exposure was missing as an independent. As he grew his firm, which now has 85 agents, that lack of broader exposure became a more glaring weakness.

More than anything, however, access to the brains in the network helped his firm grow, Narlinger said. He speaks to at least one other broker member a month. (Paul Hagey for Inman News)

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